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Since the introduction of digital photography, the photography industry has changed drastically over the years. It is now easier and more affordable to produce high quality imagery for multimedia and print.  Reppiks LLC has mastered the art of creating quality digital photography and print using today’s latest tools and technology. That saves both time and production cost, thus bringing those savings to you,  producing high-end imagery, without the high-end price! We cover everything from portraits, family photos, weddings, headshots, senior heads, artist shots for album covers, corporate photos, valentine’s day shoots, clubs, concerts, shows, events and so much more. Click the photo to your right to see a portfolio of our latest high resolution digital shots. Want to know more? Below is a step by step sample of our process that each one of our photos go through before the final composite is formed. Continue below to find our more!

The Process –  From raw capture to final composite.

As you review the photos and read the descriptions be sure to click on the images to view each step of the process as it happens. Afterwards, you can simply press the play button to view the slideshow, or scroll through each photo individually.

Male model headshot original photoStep 1: The Original Photo – From the beginning we make sure we capture the image to achieve the best possible final desired effect. Lighting, framing, subject location and pose, all are important in creating a quality composite. This can be done either by having your photo taken here at our photography studio behind a back drop, or having us come to your either via set or any particular desired location of your choice.

Male model headshot cleaned and editedStep 2: The Cleaning Process – Here we take the image and do some basic blemish removal to take care of any pesky pimples or any other sort of undesirable skin flaws you would like removed from the photo, followed up with a little color correction and toning as needed. In this photo, we also added a touch of brightness to our model’s eyes and even smoothed away some minor scaring and touched up on the bags under his eyes commonly caused by sleep deprivation.

Male model headshot final compositeStep 3: The Final composite – And here is the final product. Adding a high resolution background to the photo with proper photo trimming and placement. You will also notice within the image that the lighting has been adjusted to match the new background maximizing it’s realism. Remember this photo was originally shot in our studio. Amazing isn’t it? Again this is just a small example of what we are capable of. If you can imagine it, we can create it. Guaranteed.

Our Video

  • Weddings
  • Music Videos
  • Event Videophraphy
  • Independent Films

Digital video has advanced pretty rapidly over the past few years.  Not too long ago, shooting a production quality video use to take a multi-department studio, a large budget, and large amounts of production time.  With advances in camera hardware capabilities and powerful computer software, we can achieve the same results with less time and equipment.


Reppiks LLC is currently casting females ages 18-32 years old for paid modeling gigs. No experience is needed, we specialize in working with first time models and amateur models.  There will be instructions is given through out all our jobs, and most are very simple.

There are no fees associated in working with us. We have professional photographers, and you work at your own comfort level. Jobs pay same day!

Please use our submission form to apply and we will respond to you within 48 hours.

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